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DSCC 2017 Autocross Round 10

Sun, November 19th, 2017

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Event Review

And another good day for Racing.
A little rain prior to the event left the track a little slippery to start but it packed in hard during the day leading to some very good times for those that kept on to the end.

Neil Goudie finally took the day over Bryson Lloyd who has had the top honor all year. It may not happen again but I am sure Neil will make the most of it while he can.

Riley Foord brought a Subaru out for this event and took 3rd place with very quick times in the final runs of the day.

Looking at the Championship points for this year Bryson may have the lead but it wil be a fight to the finish for 2nd and 3rd with only a point between Neil Goudie, Tony Fox and Neil Morrison. With Tony and neil both in class A for the Championship they will both be trying hard for that trophy at the next event.

Keep December 9th available to see how it ends.

Full Result sheet here

Final scores by fastest three times here